Custom cabinets in Henderson, Paradise and Las Vegas, NV

Custom cabinets are the work of master carpenters

Cabinets are an important element in your home providing storage space, functionality, organization and hopefully beauty. Las Vegas Kitchen and Bath can help you with custom cabinets in Henderson NV, Las Vegas, Paradise NV or Spring Valley NV. If your cabinets just don’t cut it anymore, the custom cabinets could well be the solution. They know how to make use of spaces with innovative and quality crafted custom cabinets.

You can use custom cabinets in your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, entertainment areas and more. Custom cabinets can add to the beauty and appeal of any room, especially when they are hand-crafted from fine materials such as birch, oak, maple or thermos foils. Then you also several options when it comes to colors and stains. These could range from southern antique to burnt teak, from Oxford brown to walnut, from concerto to white matte. There are also various style options such as flat panel, raised panel, shaker and beadboard.

Custom cabinets can also have useful features such as custom inserts. Some of these inserts include spice pull-outs, rollout garbage, recycling bins, glass stemware holders, cutlery trays, wine racks, tilt outs, corner posts, hood covers, custom glass doors, aluminum doors and more.

Custom cabinets are always an important part of any home renovation or improvements project. Whether as part of a bathroom remodel, a kitchen makeovers or a new bar installation, custom cabinets should enhance and compliment various spaces and areas in the room.

Las Vegas Kitchen and Bath can help you make practical, innovative and sensible use of spaces in any room with quality crafted custom cabinets. Designing, manufacturing and installing custom cabinets is a specialised task. It is not bricklaying, roofing or plumbing; nor is it handyman work. It is the work of master carpenters.