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Remodeling allows you to make small changes to a room or transform it completely. There are minor DIY design projects and massive ones that involve knocking down walls or installing brand-new appliances. As renovation experts, we know what it takes to make the best-looking home.

Bathroom Renovations

Avoid Costly Mistakes by Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

When people invest in room remodeling, they focus too much on the vanity aspect. They think about which colors and decorations they want and trying to make everything look stylish. For your remodeling project, avoid making design mistakes that you made before. For instance, some homeowners realize that certain materials, like wood or paint, deteriorate after making contact with water. In the future, they decide to use only waterproof materials near the sinks or showers. Our Las Vegas area remodeling contractor has worked on countless homes and knows which ideas will work and which won’t for your home.

Automated Features

Automation is the new look for room design. These include light, faucets and shower heads that come on automatically when you get near. Some toilets have automatic flushes to help you avoid touching the handle.

Kitchen Remodeling

Commercial Styles for Las Vegas Homes

More kitchen and bath owners are realizing that bigger is better. They are taking inspiration from commercial restaurant-style kitchens to create very large kitchens of their own. The designs are suitable for people with large families and those who just want a lot of space.

Bathroom owners are taking ideas from fancy, public bathrooms that are as luxurious as hotel lounges with sitting areas. They are realizing that they can have more than two sinks instead of one and even more than one toilet or shower. They can also have room for bidets, shelves, and other optional features.

Mixing Designs

There is a growing consensus that two or more of something is better than one. More designers are looking to mix and blend different materials, styles, and ideas together to create a one, unique look. To make countertops, they are combining quartz with granite, and to make exceptional walls, they are blending metal with glass tiles.

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Few activities are more exciting for homeowners than remodeling the kitchen or bathroom. Both of these rooms are used so often that every owner has considered transforming it into a new look. Over time, parts of the room deteriorate and require the help of professional design experts. Our company is prepared to breathe new life into your home and increase its value. Contact our remodeling contractor that services Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise, Spring Valley & Boulder City Nevada.